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Monadnock Chairman and CEO Richard Verney is a company man in a rural New Hampshire town, working to keep his firm alive in a cutthroat business. Verney knows paper well, having been in the industry for much of his life. His father bought the company in the 40ís and he went to work in 1969, taking the reins in 1978 when his father passed away. He has lived close to the mill for most of his life and it means a lot to him and his community.
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Monadnock Paper Mills is using a "sludge sled" to remove materials from its nine million gallon waste lagoon system, Forbes reports.
The material goes through a wastewater treatment system and gets blended with short paper fibers to form a soil replenishment for farmers. This procedure has saved about $1.5 million in dredging costs and kept three million pounds of material out of landfills, according to environmental manager Michelle Hamm.
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