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Remove sludge from your lagoon or pond with the Sludge Sled, a new and inexpensive sludge removal system. This system permits lagoon sludge removal while the lagoon is operating. No shutdown is necessary because the Sludge Sled is smaller than conventional dredges so it minimizes re-suspension of bottom sediment. Therefore, the carry-over of suspended solids in the discharge is minimized. A Sludge Sled has also been used as a pond dredge.

sludge removal system
The Sludge Sled system is the perfect sludge remover for most sediment control applications. It is light enough to be moved by hand, so it can be operated by in-house personnel. Best of all, it is relatively inexpensive compared to other dredging systems. If dredging is done on an annual basis, a steady-state condition can be achieved thus eliminating the need for a much more expensive lagoon cleaning operation.

The Sludge Sled is essentially a large wedge-shaped scoop that is dragged back and forth along the bottom of the lagoon by ropes or cables attached to a pair of manually operated winches. As the sled is dragged along the bottom, sludge is channeled into the intake chamber where a submersible pump picks up the sludge and transfers it to a tank truck, geobag, or other receiving facility such as a drying bed. The large float above the sludge sled serves as a platform to raise and lower the sled for positioning and maintenance purposes. The hand operated, bench mounted winches are attached to the ground with four large removable spikes. The sled can be moved laterally by removing the spikes and moving the winch. Only one person is needed to operate the system once it is installed.

lagoon sludge removal
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